Professor Harunaga Isaacson Lecture: Yoga in the Buddhist Yoginītantras


Professor Harunaga Isaacson will lecture on "Yoga in the Buddhist Yoginītantras" on Wednesday, November 15, at 7:00 pm at the Movement Center, 1021 NE 33rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon. All are invited. 

Professor Dr. Harunaga Isaacson is a world-renowned Sanskritist with exceptional expertise in the fields of Vajrayāna Buddhism, classical  Sanskrit poetry, classical Indian philosophy, Purāṇic literature, and manuscript studies. In 1995 he was awarded the doctorate by Leiden University for his work on materials of the Vaiśeṣika system of philosophy. For the next five years he worked with Professor Alexis Sanderson as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the University of Oxford. From 2002 to 2006 he was Assistant Professor in the Department of South Asia Studies in the University of Pennsylvania; and from 2006 until the present he has been Professor of Classical Indology in the University of Hamburg. In the field of Indian Vajrayāna Buddhism, on which he will be giving his lecture, he is undoubtedly the world’s leading authority, exploring its vast unpublished literature in Sanskrit and Tibetan and bringing to bear on it a degree of rigorous scholarship that has rarely been seen in classical Indology and never before in this branch of it.